Flatwoods Pastures

We purchased 146 acres at Flatwoods Pastures in the Crabtree Community of Haywood County, protecting significant acreage for continued grazing.  The high elevation tract combines productive agricultural land with valuable wildlife habitat and breathtaking scenic views. It connects with our Garret Cove property in Sandy Mush  and the recently purchased Little Creek Headwaters tract, a beautiful forested cove in Bald Creek Valley.

“Flatwoods Pasture bridges the Sandy Mush agricultural community and Bald Creek/Crabtree agricultural community,” said Farmland Program Director William Hamilton.

“Mountain pastures located on ridge tops are generally rare. Our purchase will protect high quality forage for agricultural use as well as high elevation habitat, open space for recreation, and scenic mountain views.”

Elevations on the property rise above 4,400 ft. asl. Approximately 85% of the tract (123 acres) is open pasture, with the remainder covered by successional and old growth forest. Our acquisition of the land also protects 5,400 linear feet of stream corridor.

SAHC plans to own the property for the long term, managing it as an agricultural property and nature preserve.