Warren Wilson College students help out on our Community Farm

wwc_trailworkopen_march2014.jpgThe forecast said to expect a wintry mix on the first morning in March, as a group of Warren Wilson College (WWC) students prepared to come out to volunteer at the SAHC Community Farm in Alexander, NC. With temperatures not expected to reach 40 degrees, most college students would have burrowed back under the covers and asked for a rain check.

Not these folks. Under cloudy skies, they eagerly removed invasive plants and helped finish up sections of the 1 ½  mile nature trail. The group was a mix of students from the Forestry, Landscaping, and Recycling Crews at WWC.

wwc_battlinginvasives3_march2014.jpgThe students at WWC work 15 hours a week for the college to help offset the cost of their room and board. In addition, they must complete 100 hours of volunteer service before graduating. This opportunity at the farm allowed them to use skill from their work crews on a project that would bring them closer to their service goals.

Midway through the morning, we were rewarded for our perseverance when the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful pre-Spring Appalachian day. Within the course of the workday, numerous jokes and stories were shared, hundreds of invasives were pulled, and almost a half-mile of trail was finished. We hope to continue work with Warren Wilson College on future projects around the Community Farm. Thank you all for your service!