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Incubator Program Farmers Offer 2021 CSAs

We welcomed three new farm operations to our Farmer Incubator Program at the beginning of the year – and these three operations will be offering CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture subscription plans) for the 2021 season. We encourage you to sign up soon for the these CSAs. Your early investment helps the farmers get an early start in the season, then you enjoy the rewards of the harvest. More details on offerings, payment options, and pickup will be announced. From fresh mixed veggies – to medicinal herbs, tinctures, and salves – to stunning cut flowers, our SAHC Community Farm farmers have you covered!

Alta Vista Farm NC

Justin of Alta Vista Farm NCJustin Jones is the owner and farmer of Alta Vista Farm. He first began exploring the idea of earning a livelihood in sustainable agriculture in 2013 and has kept that vision and passion as a focus in the years following. The earliest stage of his farming journey involved attending Central Carolina Community College’s Sustainable Agriculture Program in Pittsboro, NC where he completed Certificates of Sustainability in Agriculture and Sustainable Vegetable Production. Later, he worked with two farms in rural, northern Orange County; first Split Acre Farm in Rougemont, NC and secondly Nourishing Acres in Cedar Grove, NC. Throughout this combination of education and experience has steadfastly planned to start his own farm. What was once a far away dream became a business plan, and now a full fledged reality.

“My passion for farming derives from the importance I place on feeling a sense of purpose with my work and a commitment to living in accordance to my values,” says Justin. “As a farmer I feel that I am contributing to society in a uniquely holistic way. I’m drawn to the fact that sustainable agriculture addresses environmental, economic, and social issues in combination with the community that exists around this craft. I’m fascinated by the intersection of life and work that accompanies agriculture and how being a farmer isn’t simply a job but rather a vocation and lifestyle. I’m continuously inspired and humbled to be of service to others by growing healthy food, distributing it equitably, and caring for the local environment.”

CSA Info

Alta Vista Farm’s 2021 CSA is now open for sign up. When you sign up for the Alta Vista Farm CSA, you’re securing your share of the farm’s harvest. CSA members purchase shares in Alta Vista Farm’s growing season and receive weekly neighborhood deliveries of fresh produce.

Each week you will receive 6-8 vegetables — the best and freshest of what’s available. A share is enough to feed 1-3 people, depending on how much home cooking you do. If there’s a vegetable you can’t eat or really don’t like, you’ll have the chance to make changes to your box before it is harvested. You also have the ability to purchase extra vegetables each week from our online store, depending on what’s available from the farm. The 2021 CSA season begins May 3 and goes until November 29. The price of a CSA share is $25 per week. You can pay the full amount of your share up-front (which is a huge help to the farm) or pay through monthly installments. If you can’t afford a CSA share, please contact Justin at the email below. Alta Vista Farm never wants cost to be a deterrent for potential CSA members.

For more info or to sign up to participate in this CSA, email

Instagram: @altavistafarmnc

Lunar Whale Herbs

Noel of Lunar Whale HerbsNoel (she/her) is the owner of Lunar Whale Herbs. She has been farming since 2013 on various farm operations, ranging from Bainbridge Island in the Puget Sound to the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. Noel has also been studying herbalism for the past four years and is a community herbalist. Most recently, she completed the holistic herbalism program at the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine in Asheville. Noel is passionate about connecting people to plant medicines and empowering them to take control of their health.

Lunar Whale Herbs is a one acre, no till, no spray medicinal and culinary herb farm,” says Noel. “We strive to bring the community a local source of high quality herbs and herbal products through fresh herb CSA, apothecary box, and wholesale offerings. We believe in connecting people with the power of plant medicine, building the soil ecology, and stewarding the land and plants with the utmost respect.”

CSA Info

fresh herb bunchThe fresh herb CSA is a way to have access to fresh culinary and medicinal herbs all season long, paired with educational information about the healing properties of each plant. The CSA is meant for those who want to explore herbalism in a more hands on approach, be a part of a resilient herbal community, and receive recipes for medicine making, cooking, teas, and more. The CSA is a bi-weekly share from June 2nd- October 26th (12 shares) with 5 generous bundles of fresh leaf, flower, or roots, depending on what’s in season. Sign up now for the early bird discount until April 1st!

Sample shares:

Spring – Nettles, Chives, Cleavers, Dandelion root, and Cilantro

Early Summer – Calendula, Tulsi, Skullcap, Lemon Balm, and Oregano

Late Summer – Lavender, Rosemary, Spearmint, Shiso, and Anise Hyssop

Fall – Ginger, Turmeric, Ashwagandha root, Burdock root, and Angelica root

apothecary boxThe apothecary box is a monthly box of 4 herbal products lovingly made with plants from our farm. The apothecary box is meant to connect you with the rhythms of the season and provide you with tools to support your overall wellness. The apothecary box is once a month from June-December (7 boxes). Sign up here!

Sample box:

Tea to support your nervous system (Tulsi, Chamomile, and Skullcap blend), Healing salve (Calendula and Plantain), Angelica digestive bitter, and Immune support tincture

Contact information:

Facebook: @lunarwhaleherbs

Instagram: @lunarwhaleherbs


Phone: 845-527-1084

Blazing Star Flowers

Suzanne Nolter holding flowers in scenic viewBlazing Star Flowers is a small cut-flower farm and floral design studio founded by Suzanne Nolter. She uses sustainable, regenerative, and organic methods to grow gorgeous flowers and bouquets to brighten the lives of customers throughout the Asheville area. In 2021, flowers will be offered through weekly CSA shares, custom home deliveries, and designs for weddings and events.

“I love flowers!” says Suzanne. “I love growing them from seed, carefully tending them, creating lush, garden-inspired designs and sharing this beauty with the world. I enjoy seeing the smile they bring to a recipient’s face, how they bring an event space to life and the way my heart flutters when I walk past them in my own home. I’ve studied many disciplines of fine art and craft: including ceramics, printmaking, botanical illustration and most recently, work as a chocolatier. I love the way the way that working as a farmer-florist combines artistic expression with my other passions: nature, plants and environmental sustainability.”

CSA Info

Blazing Star Flowers bouquetFlower CSA shares will be begin in early summer and can be purchased month-by-month as well as for the whole season. Please keep an eye on our website and social media pages for more details coming soon. Sign up here.

Contact information:

Facebook: @blazingstarflowers

Instagram: @blazingstarflowers