Habitat Restoration Day on Little Hump Mountain

img_3157.jpgSAHC and a slew of volunteers spent a full day mowing, trimming, and cutting to create additional habitat for the rare and “near threatened” golden-winged warbler on Little Hump Mountain in the Highlands of Roan. The Golden-winged Warbler (GWW) is an early successional species that is dependent on a unique habitat consisting of sparse trees, shrubs, and abandoned fields. Unfortunately, the GWW’s habitat is rapidly disappearing, as old farmsteads and other early successional habitats are developing  back into forested land.

Under the leadership of SAHC’s seasonal ecologist, Chris Coxen, volunteers created additional habitat space for these incredible birds in the hopes to increase the number of nesting pairs next spring and summer on Little Hump Mountain.

img_3136.jpgThe project was extremely successful, as Associate Director, Kristy Urquhart explains, “we accomplished more than we thought we would do in a short amount of time.”

Not only was the day a hopeful success story for the GWW, but the group also worked to clear an overgrown road that can now be used for leading hikes on in the future.

The group consisted of employees from SAHC, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Highland Brewing Company, students from Warren Wilson College, and volunteers from the surrounding area. Urquhart continues, “Our team was a total pleasure to work with and accomplished a lot in only one day.” We send a big thanks to everyone who came out to help to make the day such a big success!