Doll Branch – 62 Acres Protected

Doll Branch Tract, photo courtesy Southwings

Doll Branch tract, aerial photo courtesy Southwings and Dennis Oakley of Carolinas’ Nature Photographers Association

Trout and AT hikers can rejoice – another piece of the Roan has been permanently protected!

We purchased 62 acres at Doll Branch in the Highlands of Roan in the summer of 2019, protecting exceptional habitat and scenic mountain views in Carter County, TN. The land adjoins Cherokee National Forest and is less than ½ mile from the Appalachian National Scenic Trail (AT).

Map of Doll Creek tract and surrounding area“This acquisition continues SAHC’s conservation efforts across the biologically significant Roan Massif, securing wildlife corridors and ridgelines reaching above 4,500 feet elevation,” says Michelle Pugliese, SAHC’s land protection director. “It provides high elevation sanctuaries for wildlife and plants. Hikers along the Appalachian Trail will continue to enjoy beautiful views of these undeveloped, forested slopes.”

Conserving this land also permanently protects water quality in the area. A section of Doll Branch flows across the northern edge of the property and into Shell Creek, which provides habitat for trout.

The combination of mixed forest stands and an open meadow once grazed by cattle create a wide variety of habitat types across the tract. The meadows formerly grazed by cattle can transition to early successional habitat, which is needed by the Golden-winged Warbler. These neo-tropical, migratory songbirds have experienced steep population decline, and SAHC continues to work on various projects throughout the Roan landscape to successfully restore and manage Golden-winged Warbler habitat.

The Doll Branch property adjoins the 324-acre Hump Mountain property that SAHC purchased in 2017 and transferred to the U.S. Forest Service in 2018. SAHC plans to own and manage the new tract until it can be transferred to public ownership for inclusion in Cherokee National Forest. Land and Water Conservation Fund funding has been allocated for this property, and the U.S. Forest Service is currently working on acquiring the land from SAHC.

“The Roan Highlands are managed for protection of exceptional resources – unique scenery, geology and rare plant and animal species,” says JaSal Morris, Forest Supervisor of Cherokee National Forest. “The proposed Doll Branch land purchase will expand this protected area and conserve these values for future National Forest visitors for generations to come. We appreciate the efforts of SAHC to help make this a reality.”


The Doll Branch property was successfully transferred to the U.S. Forest Service in 2020, with funding from the Land and Water Conservation Fund.