Welcome – Stewardship Associate Chris Kaase

Chris joins SAHC as our new Stewardship Associate. His primary responsibility will be stewardship of properties that have a working agricultural component.

“Protecting traditional livelihoods is a critical objective of regional land protection efforts,” says Chris. “I am really looking forward to serving as a liaison between SAHC and the owners of our agricultural easements.”

Chris moves to Asheville from Columbia, SC, where he worked as the stewardship coordinator for the Congaree Land Trust while finishing graduate school in the Department of Geography at the University of South Carolina.  

“I’m extremely excited to be back in the mountains,” he says. “I grew-up in southwestern Virginia and northwestern North Carolina and have a strong connection to this region. It’s where I’m from, where I want to be and, in turn, the community and natural environment to which I think I can contribute the most.”

2018 was a big year for Chris. In addition to being hired as SAHC’s Stewardship Associate, Chris got married – twice! Chris’s partner, Aashka, is from India and to honor both of their families they had a small wedding in Charleston last April and then a traditional Indian wedding in her hometown this January.

“We feel really lucky to have been able to include everyone and have such a rich set of experiences to lay the foundation for our lives together,” they say. “That we are starting our journey here in WNC feels particularly appropriate. We both love this region and look forward to making Asheville home.”