Volunteer SAHC Ambassador

What is a SAHC Ambassador?

A SAHC Ambassador is a volunteer who represents SAHC at public and tabling events. A tabling event is a planned occasion where volunteers greet the public, engage them in our cause, and ask them to take further action (i.e. providing an email address, becoming a member, etc). Event tabling is an important part of our work that needs to be done to raise awareness about local land and water conservation.

SAHC Ambassadors know the basic ongoings of SAHC and are able to talk about the mission of the organization. The goal of an Ambassador is to promote SAHC and engage with participants by answering questions and discussing upcoming events and programs.  Ambassadors may also sell SAHC merchandise, recruit other volunteers and/or coordinate kid’s activities and games.

Our goal at each tabling event is to engage with as many people as we can. By creating more awareness around the importance of permanent land conservation, we can build a larger base of support and protect more of the places we love and need. 


  • Must attend a 30 min. training prior to working an event. (First Friday of every month at 12:30 p.m. at SAHC offices) 
  • Rehearse your talking points and feel comfortable talking to other people
  • Understand our POS System; able to sell merchandise and handle money
  • Able to work with children and participate in hands-on activities
  • Able to work 2 hour shifts at a time. 


  • Will receive an SAHC T-shirt
  • Feel good about spreading the word about conservation
  • Meet other like-minded individuals who care about our natural world.
  • Food & drinks (depending on event) 

Why does SAHC need Ambassadors?

One of our goals at SAHC is to connect with members of our community and let them know about our local land and water conservation work. Often times we are asked to participate during events that fall outside our normal business hours, so it is helpful to have informative volunteers able to relieve our staff. SAHC Ambassadors are crucial to our engagement efforts and add capacity to our community-building.

Want to know more about becoming an SAHC Ambassador? Contact Pauline Heyne at pauline@appalachian.org or 828.253.0095 ext. 215.