Tanasee Ridge

Tanasee Ridge

Hiking at Tanasee Ridge

Working with trusted conservation partners, we recently protected 109 acres at Tanasee Ridge, adjoining Nantahala National Forest. The property could potentially provide an alternate gateway to popular outdoor recreation areas in Panthertown Valley. Thank you for helping to make this project possible!

“This tract has long been a priority for conservation,” says Conservation Director Hanni Muerdter.  “Permanent protection of the Tanasee Ridge property will enhance the public experience of using the forest.”

Map of Tannasee Ridge locationThe Tanasee Ridge property encompasses 109 acres at a ridge on the border between Jackson and Transylvania Counties. It is surrounded by Nantahala National Forest on three sides and significant because of its potential to provide an alternative public access to popular outdoor recreation areas in Panthertown Valley. It also contains important water resources in the Wolf Creek-Tuckasegee River watershed and forested habitat in an important wildlife corridor.

“The Tanasee Ridge tract is a beautifully wooded property that straddles the Transylvania and Jackson County boundaries,” says Rep. John Ager, life long friend of the Tuckasegee River. “More importantly, it could eventually provide a new access path to the upper Tuckasegee River and the Panthertown Valley from Highway 281. When practical, this land will be conveyed to the U.S. Forest Service and become part of the public domain for the enjoyment of the general public. SAHC should be commended for recognizing the long term value of this property, and marshaling the resources to
purchase it.”

When the Forest Service eventually acquires the land from SAHC, it will be open to the public. Until then, it will be managed as a private nature preserve.

We leveraged charitable donations and a loan from The Conservation Fund to acquire the Tanasee Ridge property. The McClure Fund made a generous grant to support transaction costs.