Forestry Cost Share Opportunities

ncforestserviceDid you know that many federal and state cost-sharing programs exist that can help landowners afford the cost of sustainably managing forested properties? If you have property in NC, you may be interested in the following:


  • NC Forest Development ProgramThe North Carolina Forest Service (NCFS) will reimburse landowners 40-60% of the cost of reforesting their land, provided they have a Forest Management Plan (FMP) and at least 5 acres needing reforestation (100 acres maximum). Click here for more information and requirements.
  • NC Southern Pine Beetle Prevention Program The NCFS will reimburse landowners up to 50% of the cost of precommercial thinning of pine stands in order to prevent outbreaks of the Southern Pine Beetle. A FMP, 5 acre area minimum and the potential for beetle infestation are required. Click here for more information and stipulations.
  • NCFS Community Protection PlanLandowners who live within 10 miles of National Forest land may be eligible for free controlled burning and mechanical fuels reduction of their property performed by the NCFS with funding assistance from the USDA. There is no minimum acreage requirement, and landowners can receive two full rotations. Contact your county forest ranger or visit here to learn more.

PLEASE NOTE: Some conservation easements allow for limited forestry activities pursuant to a Forest Management Plan. Check your conservation easement for specific requirements.