Causeway Interactive

causeway logoCauseway Interactive, supporting SAHC at the “Cold Mountain” level, provides technical support, technology consulting, and database development. Kirk Watson founded the company for the purpose of using technology to address persistent organizational and capacity-building problems within the nonprofit sector.  Its integrated set of solutions targets the most significant and powerful ways to improve an organization with the least pain:  Think acupuncture as opposed to a triple-bypass.

“Increasingly, nonprofit organizations have a wide array of tools to choose from that can help them reach new audiences, engage their constituents, raise money and simplify day-to-day operations,” says Kirk Watson, Principal and Founder of Causeway Interactive. “We partner with our clients to help them find the right technology platforms for their needs, implement those solutions and train them for success.”

Whether the task is evaluating your current donor database, finding the right email outreach software, or figuring out how your staff can collaborate together more effectively, they have the knowledge, relationships and resources to help you.kirkwatson

“It has been a real joy working with the team at SAHC and I’m pleased that Causeway could help them streamline aspects of their land management and fundraising databases.

As a native Texan, I’ve seen first-hand the impact that poorly thought out, or non-existent, land management policies can have on local communities, cultures and the environment. It’s difficult to overstate the importance of the work SAHC does to help protect our region and I’m pleased that Causeway could play a small part in advancing that work.”