Caught in a Webb (Property)


lauras-rock1.jpgIf you like hiking, beautiful landscapes, and a little southern hospitality, then you probably would hae enjoyed our adventure to the Webb conservation easement property. Landowner Laura Webb and family generously opened the doors to their property and hosted an incredible hike and picnic for SAHC and members.

The Webb property is nestled deep in Jackson County, where it boasts a lake for fishing, untouched views from Laura’s Rock, and a secluded feel that gives visitors the thrilling sensation that they are truly “in the wild.” Originally (and still) used as a fishing cabin for family and friends of the Webbs, the 615-acre property protects a pristine lake and creeks that flow into the nearby Tuckaseegee River. Parts of the property sky to almost 4,500 feet high and afford hikers with breathtaking views of the valley below.

fall-foliage.jpgHikers were greeted at the fishing cabin with a crackling fire and warm beverages to drink. After learning about the process of successfully completing a conservation easement from Laura, the group pushed on from the warmth of the cabin and began the journey to hike the property’s extensive network of trails. After a 30 minute warm up over flat acidic cove forest, the hike quickly ramped up in difficulty as participants began the arduous ascent up to the Webb’s house near the top of the mountain. There, everyone was rewarded with a view from the porch and stories about the Webb’s land. Laura’s Rock lay ahead, so the group kept moving.

With a gentle saunter up to Laura’s Rock, the group took photos of the flaming Fall foliage and caught some rejuvenating rays of sunlight. You could hear everyone’s stomach rumbling from a mile away; so, not wanting anyone to perish from hunger, we decided to head towards the lush spread of food at the base of the lake. The picnic baskets were full, the company was DELIGHTFUL, and the weather outside was certainly not frightful. It was a great day playing in the web of the Webb property. Thanks to everyone that came out and a special thanks to the Webb family for graciously sharing their land.