Catawba Falls Hike 2017

On Saturday, September 30th, we continued our “For Love of Beer and Mountains” series on a hike to Upper Catawba Falls.  Catawba Brewing Company collaborated with SAHC to create a beer called Breezy Brae Biere de Miel, a honey farmhouse ale brewed with local Wild Mountain Bee Honey.

The Catawba Falls Hike was led by our new AmeriCorps Conservation Education and Volunteer Member Emily Adler, along with conservation property life estate holders Rick and Melinda. The group began on an SAHC conservation easement, hiking down to the Catawba Falls on a route few people get to visit. The hikers crossed through eighteen creeks on their journey!  Some participants used their balance to hop on rocks, keeping their feet dry the whole time, while others quickly found themselves with squishy socks. Despite some wet feet everyone was in great spirits, chatting about the plants on the trail and the Catawba beer waiting at the end of the trek.

The trail passed by two waterfalls. The first was unofficially named “David’s Falls” after the previous land owner’s good friend.  The group used this stop to sing happy birthday to one of the hikers. At the second waterfall, Upper Catawba Falls, we had lunch and a couple brave ladies went for a swim in the ice cold water!

At the end of the hike we enjoyed an Irish Music Session put on by Rick, Melinda and three other hikers.  We listened to the beautiful guitar and fiddle music while eating our fill of cheese and crackers.  Thank you Rick and Melinda for hosting us and making this event extra special!


2017 Catawba Falls Hike