2022 Volunteer of the Year – Diane Edwards

In 1989 the Stanley A. Murray Award for Volunteer Service was created to honor persons who have made outstanding volunteer contributions to the work of SAHC emulating the lifelong dedication of founder Stanley A. Murray. This year’s award winner is Diane Edwards.

Diane is a homeowner in the Valley of the Roan community, just below Carver’s Gap and adjacent to SAHC’s Haw Orchard Ridge Preserve. Through her work with the homeowner’s association there, Diane not only facilitated access for red spruce restoration work on SAHC property, but also convinced many homeowners in Valley of the Roan to plant red spruce on their properties, increasing spruce habitat throughout their community. Diane also put her boots on the ground, attending all four of our spruce-planting events, planting hundreds of spruce seedlings.

Diane also generously volunteered her time and expertise to help intern Maya Rosensweet create a pollinator/edible plant garden at our Little Rock Creek Preserve, including donating plant ID materials and tools. Diane has been a great advocate and volunteer on SAHC’s behalf in the Highlands of Roan.

Congratulations, Diane, for being our 2022 Volunteer of the Year!