Westmoreland and Scully

Kevin Westmoreland and Joe Scully take pride in being part of this thriving and unique area. Their company, Westmoreland and Scully, is building strong links between their restaurants, the Asheville community, and the world.

“Long before our restaurants were part of the Asheville restaurant community, both Joe and I had hiked the mountains and valleys of Western North Carolina with our families,” says Kevin. “We had been part of programs that taught the importance of wilderness and wild places to our children.”

“As an Asheville native, I have seen the effect of growth on the region,” he continues. “Our businesses are beneficiaries of this but we also understand the benefits of protecting as much of the remaining lands as we can. Once we opened the Corner Kitchen we dedicated ourselves to working with local family farmers to provide our guests with truly local food as well as helping the farmers to sustain and protect their lands. We have continued those relationships with Chestnut and our catering company, Corner Kitchen Catering. When our guests from out of town visit us, they want to experience the ‘local’ in all things, and our small family farm partners help us to deliver that to them.  SAHC does much to preserve the places that make our town and region a place that so many people want to visit.  They understand how interconnected the businesses, farms and wilderness are.  We are proud to be a partner with them in their efforts to protect these places for future generations.”

“As Asheville grows and land is developed due to the attractiveness of living in the area, it is all the more important to support SAHC,” adds Joe. “SAHC preserves the land; we preserve the food culture.”

The mission of Westmoreland and Scully is to: Create a better place to work where people feel a sense of satisfaction and personal fulfillment/freedom by providing a genuine and positive guest and employee experience.

Their foodservice operations include The Corner Kitchen in Biltmore Village, Chestnut in downtown Asheville, and Corner Kitchen Catering.

Thank you, Westmoreland and Scully, for becoming SAHC Corporate Partners!