Farm workshop: Agroforestry Maintenance

Contour Lines, a nonprofit, that specializes in efficient establishment of agroforestry systems with a high seedling survival rate.  Contour Lines has planted over 7,000 agroforestry systems in three countries.   Come learn how to and help plan and plant a silvopasture agroforestry site that includes about 4,000 trees and excavated berms and swales planted on contour.

This workshop is great for anyone who is interested in learning more about silvopasture and agroforestry systems in the southern Appalachian mountains.

SAHC received a $6,000 Catalyzing Agroforestry Grant to support this project, and Contour Lines is donating plant material, design and expertise for the workshops. The Catalyzing Agroforestry Grant Program is focused on implementing silvopastures and forest farming practices; the ultimate goal of the effort is to increase ecosystem sustainability and diversity by scaling up agroforestry practices. This project will also develop an Agroforestry Regional Knowledge (ARK) Exchange that serves as a framework for future growth of agroforestry adoption. The ARK Exchange will support ecocultural learning, workforce development, and networking of producer peers, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and governmental and nongovernmental partners.

Cost: $20/per person (No one turned away for inability to pay)

This class will focus on the termination and management of cover crops, pruning, organic pest management, and mulching practices.

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Silvopasture at the Community Farm


Our aim with this acreage is to make productive and educational/demonstrative use of our hilly pasture which sees a lot of visitors (both adults and school groups from the community). We currently have no agroforestry or silvopasture production open to the public in our community, and feel it will be a valuable learning site for current and future growers in the area! Carbon sequestration, value added products and perennial/no till crops are just a few of the beneficial environmental and economic factors which lead us to initiate this specific multi crop plan, and we are confident it will be a great fit for our farm and the needs of our region.

During our first phase we will begin converting 8 acres of pasture land into silvopasture by cutting in swales slightly of contour.  We will be planting a multi-species perennial crop of trees and shrubs for multiple outputs.  Varieties being planted include locust, mulberry, paw-paw, hazelnut, sycamore, indigo, cottonwood, elderberry and others.  We will produce food, fodder, fuel, shade, habitat, water conservation and other impacts.

Partnership with Contour Lines:

Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy (SAHC) and  Contour Lines Corp will plant a demonstration agroforestry plot. The site is designed as a educational tool that will demonstrate regenerative agriculture and soil conservation techniques. This site will serve as a model for larger scale land restoration projects including native species reforestation, diversified fruit and nut production, and silvopasture farming.