Meadows Family Farm

KennethandDanniStrader“We are a family farm dedicated in all that we do to honoring our ancestors,” say the Straders. “Through honest industry and diligent labor, they have made it possible for us to provide for ourselves and our community by simply continuing a way of life that we love.”

“We find great joy in rediscovering the irrefutable agricultural truths that our predecessors learned and knew over 100 years ago. Now, with a granddaughter chasing chickens, we continue to work every day, drawing from the old to grow something new, always with the intention to enhance and preserve our farm for generations to come.”

pigsWhat started as a small self-sustaining farm back in the 1960’s now encompasses acreage in Guilford and Moore Counties in NC. This ever-evolving agricultural enterprise has produced everything from acres of tobacco hand-tied and cured on-site to organic heirloom tomatoes prized by local chefs, and from row crops of feed corn and soybeans to grazing pasture land and buckwheat grown to naturally nurture the soil.

“While livestock has always been a part of the farm, we have taken it ‘back to the basics’ by embracing the ‘old’ philosophy of all natural, carefully nurtured, grass fed beef, and cage-free pork, eggs and poultry,” says Dani. “The work is hard and the days are long, but results are delicious and would undoubtedly make Kenneth’s great grandfather extremely proud.”

strader_tomatoesThe Straders have donated over $9,000 in materials and labor to install and repair fencing at our Community Farm. They also provided farm-fresh meats for our Gray’s Lily Leadership reception at the farm last fall.

“I am pleased to see and be a part of a place that gives young people who have a passion and desire for farming a stepping stone,” says Kenneth.