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Corporate Partner Profile: Biltmore Company

Yellow Spot photoWe are grateful to the Biltmore Company for supporting local land and water conservation in a variety of ways over the years — including help with the purchase of the 134-acre Yellow Spot tract in the Highlands of Roan and a recent $10,000 grant to support ongoing conservation efforts. We appreciate Biltmore Company’s recognition of the natural link between SAHC’s conservation efforts and the inspiring vision of George Vanderbilt.

“When George Vanderbilt began planning his estate in Asheville, North Carolina, his vision was twofold. First, he wanted to create a place where he could relax and entertain friends and family. Just as important, however, was his desire to preserve the surrounding landscape. From this vision came the nation’s first planned forestry program and the beginning of a family focus on the environment. Today, Biltmore continues to honor Vanderbilt’s legacy of preserving the land and protecting the environment.

In continuance of this legacy, Biltmore is proud to support the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy and its efforts to protect the beautiful mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee.

Biltmore focuses its philanthropic efforts on social, economic, and environmental goals of the overall company, as well as partnerships within the counties of western North Carolina and its surrounding areas to support people in need, food and farming, and the preservation of cultural and natural resources such as water, wildlife and forestry. The Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy demonstrates values in alignment with Biltmore’s focus areas.

Thank you to the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy and their great work to protect the natural resources of the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee for the benefit of both present and future generations.”