gray's lily

2020 Volunteers of the Year – CNPA

photographer at sunset

Photographing the Bird House, photo by Charles Worley.

Congratulations to Carolinas’ Nature Photographers Association, 2020 Volunteers of the Year!

In 1989 the Stanley A. Murray Award for Volunteer Service was created to honor persons who have made outstanding volunteer contributions to the work of SAHC, emulating the lifelong dedication of our founder, Stanley A. Murray. This year’s Stanley A. Murray Volunteer of the Year Award goes to the Carolinas’ Nature Photographers Association (CNPA).

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words (or more). We are grateful to talented members of the Carolinas’ Nature Photographers Association for joining us on excursions to several SAHC-protected properties over the past two years. These photographers have graciously donated their time and expertise to capture stunning images of conservation properties.

Members of the Carolina Nature Photographers’ Association (CNPA) joined us in photographing the SAHC Community Farm, conservation projects in Sandy Mush and Swannanoa, our Bird House at Grassy Ridge in the extraordinary Highlands of Roan, and aerial views of conservation properties thanks to flights provided by Southwings.

“When CNPA introduced their conservation initiative a few years ago, I was inspired to get more involved with the group and have my photography used for something more meaningful than just sitting on my hard drive,” shares Jorja Smith, CNPA photographer. “Volunteering through CNPA and working with SAHC relit my passion for nature photography. I’m honored to contribute to an organization who fights to conserve and protect the wonderful geographical and ecological treasures we have in WNC. It has been a joy to hear about farms we’ve taken photos of be protected with conservation easements, and watch the community farm grow and blossom into a wonderful educational tool and beautiful event space.”

(Gray’s lily photo above by Jorja Smith)