2018 Winter Tree ID Hike

Date:  Saturday, February 24, 2018
Time:  Starting at 10:00 am
Difficulty:  Moderate (5-6)
Cost: This hike is free for SAHC members and $10 for non-members
Where: Montreat Wilderness

Don’t let the cold get you down–come out hiking with us and use the cool weather as a chance to learn new things!

Have you ever wondered how to identify trees when there are no leaves? Join us for an educational hike to explore ways to identify trees in winter — such as examining bark patterns, community types, the form of the tree, and more.   Botanist and avid naturalist Luke Cannon will accompany us on our hike and provide hikers with tips and skills for identifying deciduous trees in winter.  This 2.5 mile hike will take place in Montreat Wilderness, on which SAHC holds a 2,460-acre conservation easement!

Registration for this hike is now full. To be placed on the waitlist, or if you plans have changed and you can no longer join us, please contact Thank you!

Winter Tree I.D. Hike – Rough Creek

winter-tree-id-groupEarlier this winter, naturalist Luke Cannon joined SAHC hikers to explore the beautiful Rough Creek Watershed in Canton, NC. In 2003, a conservation easement was placed on the watershed in a joint effort by SAHC and the State of North Carolina to protect 870 acres of near-pristine ecosystems and close to seven miles of streams containing water of outstanding quality. This large tract of land encompasses 12 distinct plant communities, and we hiked primarily through the predominating Rich and Acidic Cove Forests and Montane-Oak Hickory Forest. Read more

Winter Tree ID in Montreat

img_2144.jpgThis year’s winter tree identification hike took place in the beautiful Montreat Wilderness. As our intrepid, aspiring dendrologists hiked near Montreat’s streams, cold conditions and overcast skies gave way to a wonderfully pleasant western North Carolina winter day. Our guests were treated to a variety of topics, including native plant communities, forest health issues, and the cultural history of Montreat.

Chris Coxen, SAHC’s Field Ecologist, discussed basic tips for winter tree identification success. Examine the form of the tree — is it straight or does it dramatically bend to seek out sunlight (like a sourwood tree)? What does the bark look like? Are the twigs coming off of the main branches alternate or opposite? Read more

Devil’s Britches and Bark, Buds, Nuts – A pint, a party, a presentation and hike for Tree ID.

chris-with-crew-at-beginning.jpgThe end of February was a great time to practice winter tree identification, and to enjoy a new Highland Brewing Company seasonal pint with friends. As part of our “For Love of Beer & Mountains” partnership with Highlands Brewing Company, we hosted an informative & engaging presentation at the Tasting Room on Thursday, February 21, followed that weekend by an on-the-ground field opportunity with SAHC Field Ecologist Chris Coxen. The presentation was short & sweet – an informative beginner’s guide to success in knowing more about the trees you may see in our area, given in six steps. Read more


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