Farm Workshop: Fencing, Planning & Management for Multi-Species Rotational Grazing

Do you graze, plan to graze or lease out land? There are several challenges in grazing any animal. In this short course we will cover the physical realities of grazing cattle, goats/sheep and pigs. Rock Gremillion, WNC pastured pork producer, and Lauren Reker, goat specialist of KDES, will share their knowledge on what type of fencing to use, methods of watering, power sources, shelter and other challenges. On the management side of grazing, Sam Bingham will guide us through the Holistic Planning Process, producing a chart and map for the year’s planned grazing. We will include: how to prepare for variable weather, land challenges, and how to be flexible when a plan is changed or not working.

Space is limited. To register, or for more info, please contact Chris Link at or call 828.490.2565.