“Eastman’s commitment to environmental stewardship is integrated into all aspects of our business. As  Eastman has grown as a company, our corporate responsibility team has worked to develop a robust comprehensive global strategy focused on public/private partnerships that protect and improve the world we share. Eastman and SAHC share many of the same goals. By working together and coordinating resources, we can make a much bigger difference.”

– CeeGee McCord, Manager, Global Public, Corporate Responsiblity & Community Affairs

An SAHC Corporate Partner at the Cold Mountain level, Eastman is a global specialty chemical company that produces a broad range of products found in items people use every day. They have leading positions in transportation, building and construction, and consumables. Headquartered in Kingsport, TN, Eastman employs approximately 15,000 team members around the world and serves customers in approximately 100 countries. Read more