Liz and George’s Wedding

I loved that we were able to have our ceremony and dinner reception outdoors where we could enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the Community Farm all evening.

How did you two meet?

We met out at a local bar and grill where we live in Myrtle Beach, SC. George was sitting across from me with a friend, and I kept thinking his face looked so familiar. I eventually struck up a conversation with him. We soon found out we went to the same high school, summer camp, and even daycare, just not at the same time due to our six-year age difference. We had many mutual friends and acquaintances. We even traveled the same roads to visit and stay with family in neighboring cities in NC. Both growing up our entire lives in the same place, it’s likely we had crossed paths time and time again but had never met. We were literally inseparable from that day on!

Why did you choose the SAHC Community Farm as your wedding venue?

I really can’t think of anywhere more serene, beautiful, or romantic, and NC holds a special place in both our hearts. I did some research online and booked several places for us to go up and tour one weekend. The Farm was our first visit, and I immediately fell in love with its location, the AH-mazing view, and the venue, perfect for the small wedding we envisioned. When I learned more about SAHC and its mission, I was even more thrilled that having our wedding at the Farm would help support it! We saw several other venues that day, but none compared to the Farm. I just knew it was meant to be our wedding venue!

Tell us about a special part of your wedding ceremony.

I have a 10-year-old son, Nolan, from a previous relationship. It was so important to us to include him in our ceremony. He had a special sign he carried down the aisle, and George, Nolan, and I put together a unity puzzle to represent us becoming a family. It was also so special to have my grandfather, who raised me, walk me down the aisle to my soon to be husband who had tears welling in his eyes watching me come down. My grandmother passed away a month and a half before the wedding. We walked down the aisle to “Can’t Help Falling in Love” to honor her. She was a huge Elvis fan.

Did you have a theme for your wedding? Tell us about it!

We wanted an intimate wedding- to share our special day with just our nearest and dearest. I wanted it to be about our family and friends that are like family. Low stress, delicious food, and simple, but elegant décor. With the beautiful grounds of the Farm and mountains as our backdrop, no extra frill was needed!

What did you love most about having your wedding at the Community Farm?

We were fortunate enough to have the most perfect weather for our September wedding day! I loved that we were able to have our ceremony and dinner reception outdoors where we could enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the Farm all evening.

What is your advice would you give to couples planning their wedding now?

Try not to get so caught up in the details. This day is about you and your soon-to-be spouse! Enjoy it, soak it in! And, don’t be afraid to go small. A small wedding means more quality time and intimate moments and conversations with each of your guests, being able to splurge on the menu and other items you may not be able to with a large guest list, and less pressure because you will be surrounded by only those who know and love you most!