Ellen and Samuel’s Wedding

We fell in love with the large tree, garden space, and intimate setting!

Which photo do you love the most?

The ceremony was under the tree, with the beautiful colors and shadows, and our guests were seated around us.

Why did you choose the SAHC Community Farm as your wedding venue?

We were first drawn to the site because the funds would go to conservation. Once we saw it in person, we fell in love with the large tree, garden space, and intimate setting! The SAHC was also flexible and accommodating in so many ways.

Do you have a story linked to either of your wedding attire?

The bride wore her mother’s dress and a close friend’s necklace with the sentiment, and the groom ended up choosing the same light brown suit color that his father wore for his wedding!

Did you have a theme for your wedding? Tell us about it!

The theme was passionfruit flower; the tie worn by the groom! The flower itself is stunning, with gorgeous pastel colors of spring that we modeled the bridal party dress colors and decorations on.

What did you love most about having your wedding at the Community Farm?

The setting is stunning, Kirin was a joy to work with, they had tables, chairs, and some decorations, a spot for a food truck hookup, and the location was convenient and accessible. All of these pieces fit into our vision and each were equally crucial!

What is your advice would you give to couples planning their wedding now?

 Weddings can be unnecessarily expensive. Determine what components are important to you to pay for, and cut costs in other ways. I suggest finding a venue that offers customization such as the SAHC which let us use an elopement package and add on hours and guests which cut costs and fit our desire for a short event. Make your own decorations, have friends help with setup, and use a food truck which was a low cost but delicious and elegant option. We booked a lodge for the night before and after, which let us continue the party but not at wedding rates.