Create a legacy that lasts beyond your lifetime

Anyone who recreates outdoors or backpacks can tell you that when they plan ahead they are more likely to accomplish their goal and have a good time while doing it.  Planning ahead will most likely set you up for success and help you know what lies ahead.

This August marks National Make a Will Month.  For many busy Americans, this yearly reminder is just the motivation they need to sit down and finally plan out their last will and testament. And once they do, many find the process isn’t as long or tedious as they anticipated.

There are many different ways you can use your will to support SAHC and ensure that future generations will enjoy the precious gifts of nature – just as you do.

You can give cash, stock, real estate property, and more. Leaving a gift in your will costs you nothing during your lifetime, but will ensure that you can make a positive impact for generations to come.

You can also designate SAHC as a beneficiary in IRAs, 401(k)s, pensions, certain bank and brokerage accounts, and life insurance policies. When designating SAHC as a beneficiary, it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing scenario. You can decide to leave any percentage you please or even to multiple charities. For example, you can leave 75% of your life insurance policy to your family  and the remaining 25% to SAHC.

None of us live forever. But there are ways to continue making a positive impact on this world long after you leave it. One of these ways is by including SAHC in your will.

Consider adding SAHC to your will and join the more than 115 SAHC Legacy Society members committed to protecting the future of the Southern Appalachians.

We have sample bequest language for gifts in will to SAHC on our website.

Perhaps you have already left us in your will. If so, thank you! We hope you are willing to share this information with us. It helps plan SAHC’s future and inspires others to join you.

This level of commitment shows that you consider SAHC part of your family and we would love to celebrate you in whatever way makes you comfortable. Your dedication means a lot and we are 100% dedicated to ensuring your legacy lives on by protecting and stewarding incredible places in Western North Carolina and east Tennessee.

Not sure where to start?

Are you interested in creating a legacy for conservation, but not sure where to start? SAHC Trustee and experienced philanthropic consultant Sheryl Aikman walks us through the basic questions on how to set up support for your favorite charity through estate planning. Full of helpful tips as well as detailed info and Q&A session, this Legacy Giving Lunch and Learn is a great place to start understanding how to include SAHC in your estate planning.

Have questions? We can help!

If you have any questions and want to speak to a real, live person don’t hesitate to contact Director of Philanthropy Pauline Heyne at or by phone at 828.253.0095 ext. 216.